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Wheel Simple

Monidal’s streamline attraction

Mondial of Holland is currently preparing a 55-metre tall giant Ferris Wheel for the Dutch showman Arthur Harms. Despite its size, the main structure will pack onto just three trailers, with minimal transport required for the cars thanks to the collapsible design you see here.

Mondial has achieved this by cutting down on the number of arms or “spokes” used, from 14 from 20 compared to other wheels of this size. Instead of 40 cars there will be 28, each holding up to eight passengers.

Although this kind of streamlining is designed to appeal primarily to travelling showmen, who often have to move from fair to fair in a short amount of time, as a park owner ask yourself how many cars do you really need?

Operators specialising in city centre installations may also be encouraged by the fact that the wheel does require a large number of containers to transport, or indeed a long assembly time.

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