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Connect&GO signs three-year contract with Calaway Park

Picture courtesy of Calaway Park

Connect&GO has signed a three-year contract with Calaway Park.

The Alberta amusement park will use photo and video technology from Connect&GO at two of its most popular rides, the Vortex corkscrew rollercoaster and Timber Falls log flume ride.

Since its 1982 opening, Calaway Park has expanded to offer more than 32 rides, restaurants and cafes, a selection of midway games and other attractions including a water playground and 3D Cinema.

With Connect&GO’s platform, Calaway Park is able to turn each ride into an opportunity for additional revenue through high-speed ride photography, videography, roaming photos and photo kiosks.

Photos are continuously edited and displayed for riders as they exit, with branded photos available that can be printed onsite. Within a few minutes, guests can have their own copy within a souvenir frame, keychain or seasonal products such as a snowball, with digital copies also available to guests by using QR codes.

Chelsea Barteaux, Calaway Park’s marketing and guest services manager, said: “Connect&GO’s photo system has been an important addition to our ride experience and the memories that guests create with us. It is a great marketing tool and makes it easy for our guests to share those memories in a tangible form with friends and family.”

Dominic Gagnon, CEO of Connect&GO, added: “The ability to share and preserve memories is such a key part of the guest experience at theme parks today, and an amazing revenue-generating tool. We are proud to provide Calaway Park with high-quality ride photos that their guests can easily purchase and share.”

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