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Nigoland’s new wheel

A little bit of Bavaria is coming to the Champagne-Ardenne region of France. Nigoland in Dolancourt will soon unveil a new Ferris Wheel from the German manufacturer Gerstlauer and not only has the ride been built in the Bavarian town of Munsterhausen, it also features themed cars reminiscent of the area.

While it may look traditional, the 50-metre tall attraction also features state of the art LED lighting, creating an ever-changing display after dark. In total there are 36 gondolas and thanks to the fact that they are suspended outside the wheel, the passengers’ view is never obscured by the rim.

Gerstaluer recently set up the ride outside its factory and offered free rides to local guests, something it does from time to time to foster strong relationships with the surrounding farming community.

“The owners of Nigoland wanted a family ride that would allow visitors to see for miles in any direction,” reveals Siegfried Gerstaluer. “It really is a great attraction for them.”

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