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Classic carousel for sale

Looking for a classic wooden carousel? How about this majestic four-abreast ride, nearly a century old?

The ride in question is a 1910 Dentzel four-abreast all wood menagerie model in immaculate condition. Next year it will be 100 years old. It was appraised for $5 million, but the asking price is significantly less. The only sales stipulation is that it be sold and operated as a unit.

“This carousel will be a landmark centerpiece for anyone serious about building a traditional amusement facility,” believes Tony Rossi of International Rides Management, which is handling the sale.

The park model is available immediately and can be seen in a location in the Northeast United States. It was last updated in 2004 and currently operates with four rows including 35 jumping horses, 18 standing horses, five menagerie animals including a lion, tiger, mule, and two camels, plus two chariots. The chariots include one from E Joy Morris and one from Dentzel.  Some animals are by Carmel and Illions. There is also a working Wurlitzer 146A Band Organ built in 1924.

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