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Maya Tal

TAA (Theming and Animatronics) Industries recently completed a large installation at Heide Park in Soltau, Germany, where it rethemed the Maya Tal (Maya Valley) area. The area was previously known informally as “Huss Land” thanks to the large concentration of rides by the German manufacturer.

TAA worked closely together with a park team lead by Thomas Berwald in order to turn the conceptual drawings into a visually and economically attractive package. Many of the decorative elements were crafted by hand in Romania. A highlight is the Mayan Pyramid, which acts as the entrance to the new look land, with fibreglass ornaments integrated into the walls.

The company used over 100 tons of cement to recreate a Mesoamerican civilisation in this little corner of Lower Saxony, as Heide Park strives to offers its guests a more highly themed experience. But installation wasn’t easy. During one of the coldest winters many people could remember, TAA’s Udo Weisenburger and his team braved heavy rain showers, snow and sub zero temperatures to redesign the themed area.

“It was a huge challenge to work artistically work under those circumstances,“ confirms Weisenburger. Thanks to the use of a new high performance cement machine, they got through it.

The area groups together six rides in a clock-like formation, with a brand-new a Wave Swinger from Zierer in the centre. All except the latter were existing Heide Park attractions, but they have now been refurbished and rethemed, some more extensively than others. Included are the Hurrican (a Faetz Round-Up), Aqua Spin (Huss Top Spin), El Sol (Huss Enterprise), Lady Moon (Huss Flipper), Breakdance and Magic (both also by Huss).

Helping launch the new look area was Professor W Umbo, otherwise known as Heide Park general manager Hannes W Mairinger.

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