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How do online tickets sales benefit your business?

Vivian Lee, Ocean Park, Hong Kong (pictured): Online ticketing helps to enhance the services we provide to our guests as it is an additional option and a convenient method for ticket purchase. It also helps to reduce the number of guests waiting at our ticketing counters, thereby smoothing our daily operations. This also represents an additional sales channel for us and allows us to secure orders in advance of the actual visit date.

Wendy Crain, San Diego Coaster Company (Belmont Park), USA: We have seen our online ticket sales flow directly to our bottom line and view them as “new business.” There is an expectation from guests that they not only have the option to purchase your tickets online, but that they will also receive a savings or some type of special offer over purchasing on-site. As peoples purchasing patterns change we all need to pay attention and make adjustments accordingly. I think most would agree that selling a ticket before a guest even steps foot on your property is a bonus.

Peter Tartaglia, Playland (Rye, NY), USA: We use online sales for groups, picnic reservations and birthday parties. The use of online sales has made it not only easier for our customers to place orders but for our operation as well. It has shortened or eliminated transaction lines and times for sales. Mothers can book kids’ parties; groups can purchase admissions and book picnic space 24 hours a day. This year we will have online season pass and individual sales. Convenience and less operational impact will be the major benefit.

Terry Nunn, Pleasurewood Hills, England:
We’ve operated an online booking system here for over five years and find it an integral part of our business as it helps us anticipate how many admissions we will have on any one day. It also speeds up entry at the gate and of course it’s great for data capture. This year we upgraded the system to handle vouchers codes and dated bookings, as well as barcoded tickets guests can print at home and are then scanned at the gate. Pre-bookings via the internet currently account for about 10.5% of our admissions.

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