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Land of Legends opened in Antalya, one of Turkey’s most beautiful cities, in 2016. Since its inception it has continued to grow and now covers 620,000 square metres. Describing it as a world in which everyone is encouraged to live their own story, Cem Tuna, general manager, tells Park World’s Becci Knowles what lies in store for guests.

Currently, The Land of Legends unites three incredible venues: Theme Park, Kingdom Hotel, and Shopping Avenue. With its Aqua Park, Adventure Park, and children’s most favourable characters, Masha and The Bear zones, Theme Park is an entertainment centre that appeals to all ages. With its 23 rides and 40 slides and having the world’s largest 365-degree loop Roller Coaster, fun and adrenaline continue in all seasons.

Kingdom Hotel, which is Turkey’s first children’s concept hotel, has 401 rooms and 1100 beds capacity. With its design and 5 stars services, Kingdom Hotel has been awarded many times.

Every day of the week Shopping Avenue embodies the unique Musical Boat Parade Show. Including 110 stores, the open-air mall concept Shopping Avenue redefines the shopping experience for all visitors. Millions of people enjoy this unique atmosphere yearly.


BK: What do you want visitors to come away thinking about the experience?

CT: “Here everyone discovers being a child again!” The Land of Legends boasts an action-packed atmosphere where everyone can live their own story. Here, everything is possible. If you wish, you can redefine “fun” with your kids, or you can have the day of your life with your loved ones by enjoying the best adrenaline-rush activities. All you have to do is to decide which part of the story you wish to live inside the epic ambiance of The Land of Legends, and then create your own legendary moments.

BK: Which are the most popular rides/attractions and why?

CT: The Land of Legend’s most popular rides are Hyper Coaster, Typhoon Coaster, Joyful Journey with Masha and the Bear, Watermania and Challenger. While experiencing our 62-metre-high Hyper Coaster, our guests feel like they are touching the sky. When the Hyper Coaster accelerates to 115 km/h speed, adrenaline and fun are inevitable!

Typhoon Coaster also is the right choice for an adrenaline-filled experience where you will reach a height of 43 metres and reach the water at a speed of 86 km!

Those who seek adrenaline-filled and unique experiences always enjoy these popular rides. On the other hand, our younger guests prefer and join the lovely water tunnel, Joyful Journey of Masha and the Bear. In this way, they always get a chance to meet & greet with Masha and Forest Friends…

BK: What would you say is your showcase ride or attraction?

CT: The Hyper coaster would be our showcase ride in Theme Park. Our guests feel like touching the sky when experiencing it and people perceive different emotions every time they ride.

BK: Which manufacturers/suppliers do you work with and how closely do you like to work with them when developing new rides and attractions?

CT: We are in close cooperation with some companies that are known for their exemplary unit designs around the world. For example, Polin WaterParks which developed our slides, pools and many units in our most loved Aqua Land. Intamin Amusement Rides created our unique Adventure Land including our signature ride; Hyper Coaster. Meanwhile, Masha & Bear’s unique world came to life in our theme park thanks to Mack Rides. “A Joyful Journey” reflects exactly the same universe of the characters’ lives at the Masha And The Bear Land of Laughter area.

BK: How important are seasonal events to the overall success of the park?

CT: The Land of Legends has a prestigious entertainment team; with its dancers, performance artists, and singers, there is an endless event schedule here.

Since 2018 we have also hosted the worldwide sports event, IRONMAN. Thousands of sports lovers join and enjoy this unique event in our atmosphere every year. Our other signature event is The Legendary New Year. We welcomed the new year with over 14.000 people in 2021. Briefly, we may say events are one of the main cornerstones of our success and in 2022 we’ve scheduled even more unique events for our visitors.

BK: In your opinion, what are the current consumer trends in the theme park market? What are visitors looking for?

CT: As an emerging and fast-growing market; e-sports and AR-VR technology-based gaming units are getting more attractive for families and young individuals who use their holiday preferences in favour of the theme parks. Additionally, especially after Covid-19, people are really missing crowded, fun-filled, social events.

BK: What’s your accommodation offer?

CT: The Kingdom Hotel offers comfort, entertainment, and relaxation under one roof with its lively and colourful interior design, 401 magical rooms specially designed for kids, exquisitely designed suites, award-winning SPA, private fitness studio, Turkish bath, swimming pool, and stylish restaurants, bars, and pubs. Additionally, The Theme Park entrance is complimentary for the Kingdom Hotel guests.

BK: How big a contribution does food, beverages and retail make both to guest experience, and your bottom line?

CT: One of our highest visitor ratings is about our delicious food and beverage services. We’ll continue to work to carry out this glory. The Land of Legends’ main open buffet restaurant Eternia Restaurant, offers diverse culinary delights with fine dining quality. Guests can also find a la carte restaurants such as; Nemo Restaurant & Lounge which is the biggest aquarium restaurant in Antalya, Asil Restaurant, and Piazzetta Italiana.

Giving the opportunity to enjoy shopping in the open air at all hours of the day, The Shopping Avenue offers its visitors thousands of products from cosmetics to clothing, electronics to toys. Its unique architecture accompanied by a magnificent canal for taxi boats, enriches its colorful ambiance with colorful events, illuminated streets, and a magnificent Chateau. Visitors dazzle with the social media content they produce during their time.

BK: What are your plans for The Land of Legends in 2022 and beyond?

CT: We are aiming to touch the heart of our guests through all the experiences they have at The Land of Legends. We will pursue our way to being a love mark and continue to give our guests unforgettable moments in our legendary world, where everyone feels like a child again!


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