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Together with the world’s first JUMANJI themed ride, four fully themed rooms are coming to Gardaland Hotel

Jumanji Rooms: a totally different immersive experience in Italy's first themed hotel complex, which is aiming for 90% occupancy of its 475 rooms again in 2022.

There will be four fully themed Jumanji rooms, the first and only ones of their kind in the world, which will be built to complete the experience of the attraction at Gardaland Hotel for the forthcoming 2022 season.


An eagerly awaited novelty that will also allow people to continue their adventure that started at the Park into the night, the new dark ride Jumanji The Adventure is the first themed Jumanji attraction in the world, based on Sony Pictures’ hugely popular film franchise.


“In the last few years there has been an increasing trend for Visitors to favour destinations that are able to create an experience: entertaining, surprising and transporting people to other worlds”, commented Aldo Maria Vigevani, Gardaland’s Managing Director. “The themed rooms of our three hotels respond perfectly to this need, allowing families to continue the adventure that began in the Park even during the night, and to live a unique and all-embracing experience. The Jumanji themed rooms, for example, will immerse Guests in the wild jungle and allow them to experience the adventures of the protagonists of the franchisefirst hand “.


Thanks to the addition of these four themed rooms, Gardaland Resort – which also includes Gardaland Adventure Hotel and Gardaland Magic Hotel – boasts an incredible offer of 261 entirely themed rooms out of a total of 475 rooms. According to a spokesperson, “This consolidates Gardaland’s leadership on the Italian market of themed accommodation capable of offering an incredible experience ranging from fantasy to magic and adventure, with proposals for different age groups.”


In the new themed rooms, guests can experience an extraordinary adventure in the Jumanji jungle. As soon as they enter the room, they will cross the corridor with graphics that simulate a beam of green light – the same one that transports the protagonists into the game in the films. Guests are catapulted into a mysterious setting: a temple with branches and three-dimensional plants covering the ceiling and growing among the rocks; a giant jaguar head, iconic symbol of Jumanji jungle, which is also three-dimensional and placed on the wall between the two beds, to guard the room and defend it from the mandrills, hippos and cobras depicted on the walls.


No single detail has been left to chance, from the desk where guests can find the tools they need to face the adventure in full Jumanji style, such as a telescope and maps, to the luggage rack made from old wooden crates and the many references and tributes to the protagonists of the film franchise.


In the meantime, the inauguration date of 2nd April for Jumanji The Adventure – the dark ride for families and teenagers inspired by the popular Sony Pictures film franchise – is getting closer: all the animatronics which will amaze visitors during the ride have in fact arrived, and the sets which will enrich the experience are nearing completion.



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