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Fun for everyone

Woosh was established as company in the end of 2018 with a vision to offer an entertainment solution for the entire community. Park World editor Becci Knowles speaks to CEO and founder, Abdullah Saleh Almunajem to find out more

Saudi company, Woosh, provides entertainment solutions for individuals, families and corporates under the slogan, ‘fun for everyone’. “We know that we need to cater for different services and our FEC targets modern families by providing a bonding experience between them and an adventure that will create lasting memories. We also provide team on or offsite team building activities for corporates.”

Asked which are Woosh’s most popular activities and why, Abdullah can’t pick one and there is a good reason why: “One thing we always say, is that what is most popular is the experience and the engagement created by our staff. This is our ‘value add’ and you can see that on the comments page of our client on Google reviews – which we are very proud of.”

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