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Fireman’s Landing opens at Silver Dollar City

Preview of Fireman's Landing at Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri March 11, 2015

The Branson, Missouri, theme park Silver Dollar City has launched a new $8 themed area called Fireman’s Landing.

The family-friendly zone salutes the spirit of community volunteer firefighters and features six rides plus four interactive play zones for kids. Set amidst an 1880s volunteer recruitment fair. the storyline creates the atmosphere of the rides serving as “training” adventures for recruits and community heroes, all seeking to become part of the Silver Dollar City Fire Brigade. This theming has historical background to the theme park as the 1880s former town of Marmaros on which it now sits was burned to the ground by a blaze more than 100 years ago.

#6 SDC Fire Spotter balloon ride

Fireman’s Landing expands into a new previously undeveloped region of the park and brings Silver Dollar City’s total number of rides and attractions to over 40, in turn increasing ride capacity to over 21,000 per hour.

#6 SDC FireFall


Centred around the headquarters of “Fire Station #3,” rides include FireFall, an eight-storey freefall drop tower from S&S, for the more daring recuits. From Zamperla comes Fire Spotter (balloon ride), Fire Wagon Frenzy, Lucky’s Dizzy Dogs (Jump Around) , Up The Ladder (Jumping Star) and Fireman’s Flyer, a low-flying swing ride.

Preview of Fireman's Landing at Silver Dollar City.

Play attractions include Firehouse Splash Yard, designed and built in-house with squirting water jets and pump hoses. Inside the climate controlled Fire Station #3 are three WhiteWater/PrimePlay installations suitable for season-long use. These include Firefighter’s Fire Drill, with buckets, pumpers, foam ball cannons and targets for showering mock fires, Firefighter’s Fire E  scape, an obstacle course of tubes, mazes, climbing structures and slides, and Firefighter’s Junior Fire Escape, a soft play area for toddlers. Kids can also meet the Fireman’s Landing official chief rescue dog and costumed character Lucky.

#6 SDC Firefighter’s Fire Drill play area

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