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Knoebels acts on Impulse

#7 Knoebel's Impulse Coaster

When Knoebel’s Amusement Resort opens for its 89th season on April 25, guests will be able to enjoy a new rollercoaster: Impulse.

The Tower Speed Coaster from Zierer will be the Pennsylvania park’s sixth coaster, and one of the first things visitors see as they approach the park via Knoebels Parkway. The attraction features nearly 2,000ft (610m) of track, a 98-foot (30m) high chain lift hill, a 90° freefall drop and several inversions. Using three, eight-passenger cars with lap restraints and as well as restraints below the knee, riders will sit in two rows of four. During the approximately 70-second ride, the will reach speeds over 55mph (89km/h).

The first major steel coaster at Knoebels since Whirlwind (a Vekoma MK-1200 removed after the 2004 season), Impulse joins the woodies Phoenix, Twister, Flying Turns and Black Diamond (a dark ride/coaster combo), plus the small steel coaster Kozmo’s Kurves. The new attraction is the first major initiative of Rick, Brian and Trevor Knoebel, the fourth generation of the Knoebel family to run the eponymous park in Elysburg. (Rick and Brian are Dick Knoebel’s two sons, and Trevor is Buddy Knoebel’s son.) The coaster sits in an area formerly occupied by the bumper boats and the boat tag rides.

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