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Fabbri starts new coaster division

The Italian Fabbri Group has established a rollercoaster division called Giant Coasters, kicking off with designs for three new rides.

Occupying a footprint of 65 x 26 metres, the Classic Coaster (pictured above) features a 16-passnger train comprising four cars, each with four-abreast seating. The ride features 520-metres of track and soars to a maximum height of 24-metres. Included in the layout are several high speed drops and banked curves, during which the ride is predicted to reach a top speed of 70km/h.

The Looney Coaster, similar to S&S’ El Loco coaster, has a compact 42 x 20-metre footprint but an outrageous layout featuring a beyond-vertical first drop, inline twist and outward banking. The ride is operated with individual four-seater cars.

Finally, the Wave Spin Coaster features big drops and smooth curves, during which riders experience sensational spinning movements in each four-seater (2+2 back-to-back) car. In total the ride boasts 460-metres of track, and a footprint of 61 x 26-metres.

Fabbri already has a number of family coasters under its belt, but the new division has been created in response to requests from several of its established clients. “All parks need a coaster,” says sales manager Edward Cromheecke. ”If you do not offer one, you miss the market.”

Indeed, it was a similar approach that lead to the formation of a Giant Wheels division. The first such ride will be 85-metre-tall construction for a client in Asia. Talks are progressing meanwhile with an Italian customer regarding the first orders for Giant Coasters.

See the new designs here.

Pictured below: The Loony Coaster.

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