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Fabbri reaches for the Sky

New ride revealed

The Fabbri Group has just unveiled its version of the popular tower swing concept. The Sky Tower turns at up to 10rpm as riders circle a 30-metre-tall column in seats suspended by chains.

The ride’s 12 arms, each holding a twin-seat, reach a height of 25 metres when in full flight, providing passengers with a panoramic view of their surroundings – as well as a spectacular sight for onlookers on the ground.
To illuminate the ride, Fabbri has used ultra-bright LED lighting up the central column, on the arms and also on the seats themselves. Pictured here during factory tests, an illuminated ball had yet to be fitted to the top of the ride.
The Sky Tower has double-lock safety devices and is TÜV approved. Packing onto just one trailer, the travelling version is very compact and easy to assemble. The first is due to go into use any day now on the Dutch fair circuit, and a second unit will be built soon for a customer in France.
According to Fabbri salesman Edward Cromheecke, a number of parks are already interested in the ride too, thanks to its size: “The park version is very interesting as the height of this ride will attract the complete family. Higher versions may frighten younger riders.”

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