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Tube Coaster

by ABC Engineering

Described as a mix between a bobsled run and a rollercoaster, this new attraction from the Swiss manufacturer ABC sends riders up and down a steel track at up to 40km/h, although higher speeds are possible.

bobsled carries up to two adults or three children, sat inline behind one another, and children as young as four can ride. Passengers embark from an elevated loading area, which means they do not travel up a lift hill at the beginning of the ride. Rather, the bobsleds enter a block brake section at the end of the ride and a lift returns them to the start empty, ready for the next set of riders.
The entire attraction has been designed to be flexible and cost-effective for the operator, who is expected to supply their own concrete foundations for the support columns. On a level surface the ride can be erected without any foundations, but at extra cost. Custom layouts are of course available.  The tower/loading area can also be used to add other attractions, such as slides and climbing towers. The prototype, pictured here during factory tests, is due to be erected any day now at Trampolino in Andernach, Germany.

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