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by KMG

The low capacity will alarm most larger operators, but Dutch ride manufacturer KMG’s new Inversion is nevertheless a compact yet thrilling looking attraction that makes clever use of the basic structure employed on the same firm’s earlier Freak Out.

This 12-seater ride comprises a cluster of three four-seater cars (each comprising two riders back to back), that roll right over as the main arm turns through 360 degrees. Brakes on the cars give the operator a certain amount of control over the flipping movement, and the open-style seating (with shoulder restraints) creates an uninhibited feeling for the riders.
The travelling version of the ride packs onto just one trailer and existing owners of the Freak Out looking for a change will be reassured that to learn that the Inversion fits on the same ground space. The prototype debuted at Tilburg Fair in Holland in July, where it was well received.

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