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Aquatic Development Group’s latest water park opens in North Carolina


Thursday 22nd June saw the much anticipated H20BX waterpark open in the Outer Banks (OBX), North Carolina.

Designed with classic coastal architecture at the forefront, ADG developed the unique waterpark design to reflect the feel of the Outer Banks, offering resort-style comfort along with traditional family fun. The newest waterpark in North Carolina, it sprawls across 20-plus acres near the Wright Memorial Bridge, the northern gateway to the Outer Banks coastal region. The convenient location allows 70% of the inbound and outbound Outer Banks tourism traffic a window view of the expansive waterpark, including slide towers and pools.

The $46 million H2OBX sets a new benchmark in Carolina coastal tourism attractions and will be experienced by hundreds of thousands of families who vacation in the Tide Water and Outer Banks regions.

ADG, as the lead developer on the project, and working with the renowned Weber Group, carefully designed and themed H2OBX to embrace the culture of the Outer Banks in a relaxed and scenic environment.

Twin Tides Wave Pool delivers an ocean-simulated current, tide and waves that guests love, but unlike traditional wave pools, it features “dual beachfront” entrance points on opposite ends. Deep Six Adventure Lagoon is a revolutionary adventure attraction, featuring climb, crawl and balance soft mat obstacles and swim zones. Additional attractions include multiple slide complexes, river rides and Calico Jack’s Cove, an immersive, multi-level, pirate-themed, play structure, offering waterslides and interactive water effects. Several fusion waterslides, boast special effects including aqua-lucent lighting to increase the thrill factor.


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