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X2 has arrived…

X remix complete at Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California, has unveiled the transformation of its X rollercoaster, now named X2. Billed as “the world’s only 5th dimensional coaster,” the ride initially opened in 2001, this first-of-its-kind with 360-degree rotating seats.

Built by Arrow, and overhauled by the company’s successor, S&S Power, this state-of-the-art coaster boasts newly-designed, sleeker, lighter vehicles using military specifications and NASA-quality engineering. It also features additional sensory experiences including fire, fog and sound.

While perched on the edge of the massive 20ft-wide, 38,000-pound, wing-shaped vehicles, riders begin their two-and-a-half minute thrill by climbing 200ft towards the sky before flipping over headfirst, face down for a near vertical plummet to earth through a bank of fog.

Racing at 76mph, the rush continues as riders face a monstrous 200ft tall sky dive, flying over the top of a giant 185ft raven turn, blasting past a fire tunnel before performing several acrobatic full 360-degree front and back flips. The complete 3,600ft twisting journey ends by sending riders through a cool zone before returning to the loading platform.

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