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WhiteWater partners with Wiegand Maelzer to offer SlideWheel

WhiteWater is now a licensed supplier of SlideWheel, a visually compelling water slide. This license agreement allows WhiteWater to add this water slide to their product offering, giving client,s even more choices.

Believed to be the world’s first rotating and pendulating water slide, SlideWheel combines three diverse riding experiences into one ride. With intense g-forces, backwards sliding, oscillating movements, and plenty of airtime fun, SlideWheel is a mix of riding sensations.

At just over 22 meters (72 feet) high, SlideWheel’s rotating flumes create a visual spectacle never before seen at a water park. Add AquaLucent sections, water effects, a sound and light package to heighten the slide’s impact even further. SlideWheel’s physical presence and one-of-a-kind ride experience combine to create a truly matchless water slide, sure to draw both the curious and adventurous alike, making for great active and passive capacity.

 While technically 140 meters (460 feet) of slide path, SlideWheel’s dynamic and unique motion gives riders the impression that the ride is more than twice as long as it is. Its impressive ride time of 90 seconds does not sacrifice on throughput, as three rafts can be on the ride simultaneously.

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