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Polin introduces Stardust Waterslide

Polin Waterparks has introduced a new waterslide to attendees of the recent IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando that has never before been seen in the waterparks sector. They offer a new innovation in waterslide design that catapults theming and storytelling to a whole new level. The Stardust Waterslide features a built-in, fully formed story that will create a ground-breaking, original perspective to the waterpark industry.

No longer must guests consider an adventure “a long time from now in a galaxy far, far away.” Instead, they can immediately experience the amazing adventure of Stardust, a Galactic Exploration Cruiser in the heart of your waterpark. The story of Stardust begins as the interstellar space vehicle rockets through the solar system before, suddenly, experiencing an inexplicable loss in its quantum motor. The ship crash lands on earth at a time when humans can’t comprehend its complex capabilities. Primitive tribes use the mysterious structure as a shelter. But, over time, as mankind evolves, its people begin to recognize the advanced capabilities Stardust offers.

Eventually, people identify the unique particles from which the ship is formed and discover that these unknown materials have allowed the ship to rest in a state of virtual hibernation since its landing. Over the millennium, it has silently maintained and built its energy stores, allowing it to evolve into a magnificent machine with a wholly new purpose — an adrenaline-pumping, thrill-inducing, high-octane “fun machine,” the Stardust Waterslide.

Every detail in the design of the Stardust Waterslide supports its mysterious story and takes guests on a daring journey. Using a unique, streamlined geometry, the expertly engineered waterslide allows guests to impact their journey throughout its ellipses and orbits. Guests’ weight and movement directly affect their raft’s speed and course along the slide’s path, delivering endless alternatives as they approach the drop section. The result is a journey so unexpected that, as guests exit the ride, they will want to ride again.

The engineering accomplishment of this slide, delivering a “multipoint entrance” to the drop section, is a significant, ground-breaking accomplishment within the waterslide-design industry. Features include custom-branded designs, limitless path alternatives, family-friendly adventuring, hHigh capacity via a four-person raft, open and fully enclosed routes, illumination options with LEDs, special effects featuring lasers and fog, alternative theming possibilities, strong visual impact, spectator appeal, indoor installation availability, and a choice of conveyor or tower.

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