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Underwater driving experience debuts

Sub Sea Systems, a supplier of innovative products for the marine tourism industry, has introduced its latest creation, Aquaticar. Aquaticar is the World’s first underwater driving experience. Adventurers age five and up drive futuristic vehicles through an underwater world of wonder that can be themed to fit nearly any experience from a teeming coral reef to a rugged Mars landscape, or even a dark ride with startling surprises around every corner. Guests are dry from mid- chest up, and wet from mid-chest down. These pioneering underwater drivers will feel the rush of water as they steer their vehicle through the themed environment.

Two guests per vehicle dry-load into height-adjustable seats, while a staff member pivots a canopy with a large acrylic-viewing panel into place overhead. Loaded vehicles transfer from a moving platform onto a specialized track, where gravity feeds cars into the themed body of water.

Vehicles travel along a defined track, complete with straightaways, curves and hairpin turns. Guests can steer the vehicle within the confines of the track, but cannot steer off course. The track is comprised of modular track segments that connect to form a variety of course layouts and distances.

Air registers embedded in the track are triggered by the passing cars, and release a calibrated flow of air as the vehicle passes over. The air not only provides fresh breathing air to the canopy, but feeds the car’s Bubble Engine, another world’s first.

The proprietary Bubble Engine features customized rotors that harness the uplift force of air bubbles as they naturally move toward the water’s surface. The Bubble Engine generates enough power to drive the vehicle underwater at a speed of about 2 mph (3 kph). The total ride time is approximately four to five minutes, with capacity for 400 guests per hour.

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