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by Formula K

TraXters are a range of new battery-powered children’s vehicles from Formula K designed for the 4 to 12-year-old age group.

There are four vehicles in the range so far and all boast the build and design quality that this UK-based manufacturer is renowned for. Currently available are The Quad (pictured), The Tractor, The Rascal Go-Kart and The Rascal Ranger. Coming soon will be a fifth, a Grand Prix style car. The seating on the Quad and the Tractor have been designed so that an adult can ride with and assist a younger child in comfort.

The vehicles are able to run on a variety of surfaces, either hard or loose, and all have tight turning circles enabling them to operate in a compact area, making them ideal for use within a play centre, FEC or any park. The Tractor vehicle in particular should appeal to the many farm parks now appearing in the UK and beyond.

Each TraXter features an electronic control (ECU) unit that governs the coin-mech operation, speed adjustment, auto-stop control, ride counter and simulated vehicle sound effect. The ECU was designed and manufactured by another British supplier with a reputation for quality and innovation, Tornado International.
For more details on the Traxters range see the Formula K advertisement on page 23 of this issue.

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