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Mazzoli magic!

Designer discusses new projects

Valerio Mazzoli, head of the eponymous Italian design studio, revealed to Park World recently that his company is currently engaged on a number of projects around the world, including a number of exciting projects in his native land.

At Valmontone outside Rome, work continues on the Terramagica theme park (pictured). “It’s been going on for a long time now,” notes Valerio, “but it is now 70% complete and now they are buying the attractions.”
The park will feature a storyline, Midgart, created by Davide Simon Mazzoli, Valerio’s son. “We want to create an attraction that will involve people in the same way as Disney,” says Mazzoli Snr. Midgart will also available as a book.
Among the selection of rides at Terramagica will be three rollercoasters and two water rides. Opening is scheduled for 2009.Work has also started on the Motor City theme park near Verona. This 3,000 square metre facility will be based around all kinds of transport – Formula 1, cars and bikes – and also include a waterpark and one of the largest shopping malls in Europe.
In Naples, Mazzoli is helping renovate one of Italy’s oldest amusement parks, Edenlandia. Purchased by new owners in 2000, around €30 million is to be spent turning the former Luna park into a child-friendly world packed with emotion. Trees and other landscaping will be added across the park and a “City Walk” style development added outside.
The Turkish capital of Istanbul, meanwhile, will be home a new mixed-use development. Located within the to Bayrampasa district, it is expected to include a theme park, congress centre, cinemas, hotels and a health spa. Mazzoli is to work on the park there, which will include both an indoor and outdoor component, inspired by the tales of great travellers like Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle and HG Wells.
Other design projects currently being undertaken by Valerio Mazzoli Studio include a new fun park in Greece; a mall/FEC in Alabania; a new amusement park in St Petersburg, Russia; a university campus and a Baptist church in Nigeria; and a project for the Pope in Italy.

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