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Dotto goes green

Trains for all occasions

Leading Italian people mover specialist Dotto Trains has taken on a fun line of road trains and plans to offer them with green credentials to suit operators in locations where noise and fuel emissions can be a problem. The cartoon-styled Circus, Coast to Coast and Coast to Express appear alongside Dotto’s existing Mississippi rail loco in the Fun Trains range.

The compact Coast to Coast Express, 2.85 metres in length, is also available with a new electric locomotive, the Green Express (pictured), featuring 5 to 8 hours battery life based on a one to two coach set-up. Charging time is 5 to 6 hours and the maximum speed 15 km/h. Each coach measures just over 3 metres in length and accommodates eight adults and includes features such as an on-board sound system and stainless steel doors.
This is the latest loco to be made available in an electric version, following the success in 2006 of the first battery-powered Muson River, Dotto’s classic large road train, measuring nearly 4 metres in length. The battery is located on the lower side of the locomotive, between the front and rear axle, easily changeable with a standard transpallet. The average charge time is 8-10 hours, but operators can be assured that the train can still run with as little as 5% power remaining.
“More and more of our customers are asking for electric trains,” says Dotto’s Sabrina Carrero. ”Originally this was because of the noise in places like shopping malls, town centres and so on, but now it is also because of green concerns. I am happy to report that all our electric trains are completely emission free, and the fun design of the Green Express is sure to appeal to theme parks too. ”
Together with other trains like the smaller Sirius and futuristic TM970, Dotto has a road train to suit an operator whatever their location. To help choose them, the company has produced a stylish new catalogue allowing customers to select the many options and colour combinations available.

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