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Suzhou Stingray

New generation Vekoma coaster for Chinese park

Suzhou Giant Wheel Park is one of several new amusement parks opening this season in China. Located in the city of Suzhou, about two hours from Shanghai, the new facility has been designed by the Sanderson Group.

Anchored by a 120 metre-tall giant Ferris Wheel overlooking Jinji Lake, the park will also debut Stingray, the latest coaster concept from Vekoma. Described as “the ultimate flying coaster experience,” Stingray is a second generation version of the manufacturer’s Flying Dutchman ride and contains many of the original features combined with new and improved restraints and ride control.
The ride also features an unusual and compact layout, with a 37.6 x 60 metre footprint. In total there will be 370-metres of track, including a vertical lift, outside loop, double horizontal loop and a 180-degree roll.
Passengers will ride in a face down position parallel to the track and be tilted into position on the lift section. The design and ergonomics of the seat enable an optimum flying position and a perfect view ahead. Two trains will be used, with either two or three cars each (8 or 12 riders).

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