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Surfin Tsunami new from Extreme Engineering

New from Extreme Engineering, the Surfin Tsunami is the only stand up surfboard roller coaster on the market. This radical roller coaster experience, utilizes all of the safety and design features found in Extreme Engineering’s Cloud Coaster. Riders instantly transform into surfers, gliding on a suspended roller coaster surf board with sharp turns, sudden drops and stops. The surfboard ride vehicle allows participants to stand up safely, easily adjusting to surfers of all ages.

Surfin Tsunami offers any desired length, custom theme, or track layout. This suspended coaster can be designed to fit around existing structures, be designed to fit seamlessly indoors and designed to fit within existing attractions at an amusement park or resort. Surfin Tsunami gives your guests a surfboard roller coaster experience.

Surfin Tsunami features patented, high-load capacity magnetic brakes on every ride vehicle. No power, no friction or brake pads are required to slow down the ride vehicle. The coaster cart has a built-in and adjustable sway control system, creating the banking on the Surfin Tsunami’s ride vehicle, not the track. An electronic safety release lap bar is equipped on every seat, comfortably allowing guests to stand on the surf board ride vehicle. Minimum rider height is 40 inches (102 cm) and up to 250 pounds (113 kg) in rider weight per cart. Increased capacity can be achieved with slight modifications made to the track, additional ride vehicles and block zones.

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