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Extreme Engineering debuts Sky Tag

Now your guests can laser tag in the sky on the all-new Sky Tag from Exteme Engineering. Sky tag is a family friendly, low cost, modular coaster attraction for family entertainment centers. The Sky Tag uses the Cloud Coaster roller coaster to suspend riders above obstacles in the dark, allowing them to battle with phasers in hand.

Visitors can experience an interactive attraction full of suspense and unlimited possibilities. They can blast phasers at other ride vehicles, themed structures, and interactive targets below. Sky Tag can fully immerse guests into creative worlds while playing laser tag in the sky. Extreme Engineering is now making low-cost interactive attractions possible, fitting in spaces as small as 40 x 40 feet (12 x 12 meters) or 1600 square feet (149 sq m).

This attraction will soar guests high in the sky, in complete darkness, providing phasers for each participant to blast other ride vehicles and interactive targets. The standard configuration comes with 4, side-by-side vehicles based on the Cloud Coaster’s track design. The all-inclusive price of the Sky Tag allows operators to choose from various standard themes, such as adventure, space, ocean and western. Each standard model includes the ride system, theming, phaser package and components, shipping, installation and training in the continental U.S. Ride capacity is up to 240 people per hour.

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