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Sum of all Thrills

Located within the Innovations pavilion of EPCOT at Walt Disney World in Florida, Sum of all Thrills allows guests to custom-design their own thrill ride using mathematical tools, touch-screen controls and a robotic simulator.

The ride system is based around KUKA Robotics’ RoboSim 4D simulator and offers over 1.4 million possible programmable combinations utilising six axes and six degrees of total directional freedom. Once guests have designed their ride, it is saved on a card, which is used to activate their custom ride experience on one of four robotic units.

Sum of all Thrills is sponsored by Raytheon. EPCOT visitors can continue the fun after they return home by visiting the website, where they can answer maths related questions and build further rides online. It appears, however, they don’t have to be any good at spelling.

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