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Three Maurer coasters for China

Maurer Rides is building two SkyLoop coasters (as pictured) and an X-Car Launch Coaster for China.

Using 150 metres of track and rising to a height of 52 metres, the SkyLoop includes such features as a “Humpty Bump” lift, 360-degree screw and a vertical drop with a speed of 105km/h. The two coasters are planned for World Joyland in Changzhou and Knight Valley at OCT East resort near Shenzhen. The ride in Shenzhen is to customised to withstand regional weather conditions, where typhoon wind speeds can reach more than 200 km/h. Accordingly, the tower foundation has been extended from 5 x 4-metres to 6.5 x 6.5-metres.

Also at Knight Valley, Maurer is building an LSM launch coaster, scheduled for February 2011 opening. Like the SkyLoop it will feature an X-Car ride vehicle and pack big thrills into a compact space. Right after leaving the station, the LSM drive (Linear Synchronous Motor) catapults passengers upward, accelerating from 0-70 km/h within 2 seconds. This is followed by a special loop, Immelmann turn and a steep camelback. Then comes a half Cuban eight, followed by a heartroll and, just before returning to the station, a final steep curve. The ride features 316-metres of track.

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