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Stan Checkett returns

“People love it,” says Stan Checketts, “even non-thrill seekers love it.” The founder of Utah ride manufacturer S&S Worldwide has resurfaced with a zipline attraction he is marketing under the banner of Soaring Eagle.

Checketts describes his new product as being “like a zip coaster” that offers fun and excitement for riders of all ages. A comfortable aluminium cart rides two people side by side with no harness; just two locked and monitored seat belts. It features quick cycle times with the ability to load and unload riders from a single location controlled by one operator and a single push button.

Soaring Eagle zip lines are extremely scalable and can be installed in many places ordinary zip lines cannot. The attraction can be installed on a single pole provided with heights ranging from 60 to 200ft or from buildings, bridges, cliffs or mountain sides. The ride length can range from 300 to 900ft.

A serial inventor, Stan Checketts is also marketing a new automated car parking system called Boomerang. Take a look at the website, it’s intriguing!


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