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Dinosaur Canyon

A new dinosaur attraction is set to open in upstate New York. Dinosaur Canyon at Howe Caverns in Cobleskill will be a walk-through experience with the opportunity to interact with prehistoric giants of the past.

Howe Development is handling the Caverns’ expansion following a preliminary concept design by the Stufish and McClaren Engineering Group. Garner Holt Productions will complete the concept design and take the project through to installation.

“My vision is to create a destination resort,” explains Emil Galasso, vice-president and co-owner of Howe Caverns. “Right now, even during these tough economic times, we’re getting nearly 200,000 visitors a year. We want to give them more to do while they’re here. Dinosaur Canyon will help us to become a true destination attraction. I feel like we’re bringing a bit of Disney to upstate New York.”

Phase one is already underway, with plans for some components to be open in the 2011 season. Dinosaur Canyon will be located on 20 acres of land adjacent to Howe Caverns, the largest cave open to the public in the northeastern United States and a popular attraction for almost two centuries. The new addition will feature over two dozen highly realistic dinosaur figures, situated in rock chasms, caverns and valleys.

“We’re pulling out all the stops to create the most amazing, lifelike dinosaurs since their living forebears walked the planet 66 million years ago,” says Garner Holt, CEO of Garner Holt Productions. “With our new silicone skin formulations and cutting-edge motion control system which creates exceptionally fluid movements, these creatures will stand up to intense scrutiny of leading scientists and even harsher critics -– seven-year-old boys with a passion for dinosaurs.”

A consortium of scientists and educators has been invited to put together a curriculum for school children. “The educational component is as important to me as entertainment,” adds Galasso. “We have already established a close relationship with area schools by visits to our Cave House Museum of Mining & Geology as well as Howe Caverns.”

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