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SkySled takes flight

Skycoaster has introduced the SkySled harness, enabling thrill seekers to experience a Skycoaster in an entirely new way. For over 25 years, flyers have soared in custom-designed Flight Suits as they lay flat and flew. The new SkySled places riders in a seated position for a completely new experience. Riders are now winched to the top of the launch tower with the ability to take in the surrounding view. The new harness will be available for new and all existing Skycoaster sites in early 2018 and will be compatible with all existing Skycoaster equipment.

Since its inception, Skycoaster has proven to be both an extreme thrill ride and an iconic brand. It delivers an exhilarating ride experience coupled with a flawless safety record. Now, upon hearing the familiar “3-2-1, Fly!”, the ripcord is pulled and the SkySled will treat flyers to an experience similar to jumping off a cliff or base jumping. The new visuals coupled with the freefall and swing experience offer a completely new thrill on an established attraction.

We researched different ways to deliver a new rider experience with our iconic attraction and feel the SkySled accomplished this,” edplained Mark Rosenzweig, Skycoaster’s managing director. “It offers a visual and sensation combination that is both incredibly thrilling while also complementing our existing prone flight experience perfectly. The new experience will serve both as a means for existing fans of the attraction to fly in a completely new way, while also offering our clients a plethora of combination pricing package opportunities to offer their guests so that they may experience both flight experiences.”

Ride Entertainment has owned Skycoaster for overa decade and continues to grow the brand worldwide. “We are proud to have Skycoaster as part of our family,” said Ed Hiller, CEO of Ride Entertainment. “It is a thrill ride with one of the attractions industry’s best safety records and offers the best return on investment you can find. That is a powerful combination and we are excited to offer new experiences on a fantastic ride.”

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