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Simtec Systems receives Asia Attractions Golden Crown Award in two categories

Simtec Systems has received two Asia Attractions Golden Crown Awards. Simtec was awarded Outstanding Motion/Flying Theatres Supplier (International) for the HEXaFLITE 72 Flying Theatre “Flying over Chongqing” in Chongqing Sunac Land. As well as Outstanding Family Ride Supplier (International) for three FUNRIDE21 Open Cabin Simulators for the newly designed Super Wings theming area in the OCT Chongqing Happy Valley, China.

In October 2020, Chongqing Sunac Land, located in Shapingba District of Chongqing, was officially opened to tourists. Among all amusement attractions in the entire Sunac Land, the large-scale Flying Theater “Flying over Chongqing” immediately became a Super Star in the attraction scene.

The HEXaFLITE 72 flying theatre is driven by a dynamic 6DOF hydraulic motion system, guaranteeing smooth soaring movements and dynamic sequences. The HEXaFLITE series is currently the flying theatre ride with the strongest passenger carrying capacity and the most powerful motion performance. This system is characteristically for high-safety, product design, reliable product quality and smooth system operation.


In July 2021, the large-scale dynamic theatre “Jett Mountain City Pursuit” officially opened in the world’s first Super Wings theming area in Chongqing Happy Valley, China. The entire dynamic motion theatre project was designed by Simtec for Chongqing Happy Valley.

The guests enter the storyline with a thrilling flight over Chongqing City, especially the Liangjiang New District, where Chongqing Happy Valley is located. Three different Super Wings characters can be chosen for the ride. Simtec delivered the three FUNRIDE large-scale 6-DOF hydraulic motion simulators with 21 seats each including 4 fully automatic docking systems to guarantee a fast load and unload process. The theming ride vehicles are equipped with special effects such as wind, water and fragrance. Simtec also equipped the theatre with an ultra-high-definition audio and 3D video system to create an all-round immersive experience.

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