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Shark marketing!

How’s this for a guerrilla marketing opportunity? Hundreds of mysterious sharks appeared all over San Diego recently as the Sea Life Aquarium spread the word about its new Sharks Revealed exhibit using “sea tagging.”

This marketing strategy involved a snorkel-and-fin-clad diver spraying water over templates on walls and sidewalks all the way up the coast to Carlsbad, leaving behind temporary shark impressions. “At Sea Life we are all about interactivity and sustainability; and sea tagging combines both,” says the aquarium’s Rebecca Berggren.

The technique was first used by the new Sea Life aquarium in London earlier this year and was developed by the media agency CURB. The images last just minutes, but leave behind a strong impression. The sea tagging team also passed out flyers and temporary tattoos, invited kids to help spray the images and posed for photos with tourists – all while talking about Sharks Revealed.

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