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Santa Monica wheel change

New ride for Pacific Pier

Pacific Park on California’s Santa Monica Pier will replace its Ferris Wheel with a new 90f-tall $1.5 million version from Chance Morgan featuring computer-generated special effects lighting using 160,000 LEDs.

The energy-efficient lights replace the 5,392 red, white and blue traditional filament bulbs that now flicker on the wheel’s spokes and hub. The enhanced LED lighting will provide higher energy savings while complementing the solar-power application – and look great.
Perched atop the end of the pier, the saltwater quickly deteriorated the existing Pacific Wheel, which provided more than 3 million rides in its 12 years of operation and stands 130ft above the Pacific Ocean. Though shorter, the new unit will have comparable rider capacity and mechanical specifications. It is planned to start turning on May 8.

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