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Ridercam announces new features

Still pics and playback functions added

German DVD ride specialist Ridercam is now offering a number of new features.

In addition to on-ride video, the Ridercam system can now be used to take still pictures of riders at any pre-defined point of the ride, and so replacing a conventional ride photo system. As the cameras are on board the ride rather than at a static point, the system also allows operators to select the snapshot position, including the fastest part of the ride.

A unique new feature is a playback function to keep passengers fully entertained throughout ride. Using shockproof LCD screens in the seat backs (pictured), any kind of video can be played, including footage of the last ride. Although this function is only intended for selected ride sections, audio can played be throughout the ride.

For low capacity attractions, Ridercam is also offering a simple four camera set-up with quick and easy self installation.

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