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Pterodactyl takes flight at Flamingo Land

There’s a prehistoric twist, or at least name, to the newest attraction at England’s Flamingo Land Resort & Zoo.

Pictured above: Riders on Pterodactyl can be seen in the shadow of Flamingoland’s Wagon Wheel, also by Zamperla

Featuring a similar motion as the park’s Wave Swinger, Pterodactyl adds one important new ingredient – altitude. This Vertical Swing ride from Zamperla stands 45-metres-high (151ft), 10 metres shy of the park’s tallest attraction, Cliffhanger (S&S Combo Tower). Up to 24 riders at a time can enjoy the experience as they are twirled high above the beautiful North Yorkshire landscape.


During installation of the ride, which was manufactured at Zamperla’s Soriani factory in Melara, Italy, Flamingo Land staff had been monitoring the behavior of its white rhinos, which reside close to the attraction in the Lost Kingdom area of the park. Happily the ride and its screaming occupants appear to have little affect on the creatures, who can be seen wallowing in the mud and grazing in the paddock to their hearts’ content as usual. As well as white rhinos, passengers on Pterodactyl can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Flamingo Land’s giraffes, zebras and ostriches.


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