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Polin Waterparks named Outstanding Water Rides Supplier

Polin Waterparks has expanded its presence in the Asian market with the development of its company in Shanghai. Since then, Polin Waterparks has installed some of the largest waterparks in China featuring the company’s award-winning waterslides. As a result of these efforts, Polin Waterparks received its most recent accolade: the Golden Crown Award for Outstanding Water Rides Supplier in 2021.

Polin Waterparks brings home this award for one of the completed projects in China, Visionland Dinosaur Waterland in Huangshi. Dinosaur Waterland at Visionland features 4 slides group including Polin’s signature rides such as Space Shuttle, Space Boat, and combo slides which are totally different in terms of design and experience.

Polin China general manager, Mr. Emre KISIOGLU, said: “This project was finished under difficult conditions. First the global COVID-19 epidemic was influencing various range of industries including production, logistics and installation and secondly, we had a very tight lead time to finish the project from signature of contract only 8 months to handover this turnkey project for our slides. We needed to ship the products from Turkey by sea which makes lead time even harder to achieve. However, with all hard work and thanks to our efficient factory production and great team, we achieved a great result! This actually is a very good example to show the strength of Polin in China from designing to the final execution step of the project.”

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