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Coney Island’s Luna Park set to debut two new attractions

Coney Island’s Luna Park will debut two new attractions in the summer, a new log flume, Leti’s Treasure and a family-friendly roller coaster, Tony’s Express.

The two rides are set to be intertwined, to provide guests with an experience that explores the rich heritage of Coney Island. The vehicle and boat designs pay homage to Coney Island’s historic attractions such as the Switchback Railway and The Chutes, while the illuminated station house, archways, and tracks re-establishes Luna Park as ‘The Electric Eden.’

Tony’s Express bends and curves around Leti’s Treasure at more than 40 mph, with more than 1,200ft of track to cover. The coaster has two trains equipped with ADA access.

Leti’s Tresure will operate with 12 flume boats that seat up to six guests per ride, lifting riders 40ft into the air, giving guests a semi-circle panoramic view of Coney Island’s shore line, before the 35ft plunge that gives guests a big splash.

The amusement park will also unveil a 50ft, custom designed Sky Chaser Ropes Course and pedestrian plazas as part of its expansion, where the park is developing 5 acres along the Coney Island Boardwalk and Surf Avenue, increasing Luna Park’s size by up to 50%. The park aims to create an additional 100 jobs with its expansion, and increase tourism in southern Brooklyn.

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