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Polin launches Sphere

Following its introduction of the concept in November at IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, Polin Waterparks & Pool Systems is about to put its first Sphere slide into use in Turkey.

Located at Aqua Fantasy in Selcuk, Izmir, the 4-in-1 attraction features a combination of tried and tested Polin rides connected by tube slides including a Space Boat, Navigatour and Uphill Navigatour. The signature feature, however, is a 6m (19.6ft) sphere section, the perimeter of which riders rocket and whirl inside a two-person tube before shooting out through a tunnel at the bottom. Finally, after a ride through the orb, they splash out into a pool below.


A large hotel and spa complex on Turkey’s Aegean coast, Aqua Fantasy began working with Polin several years ago when it expanded its waterpark offerings. It has named the new Sphere complex the Super Combo.


“We are excited to work with Polin on another unique project,” declares Aqua Fantasy waterpark co-ordinator Askin Altiparmak. “We are confident to predict that the Sphere’s appealing orb shaped design, multiple slide route and ride experience will make it one of the most popular attractions in our park.”


The Aqua Fantasy installation also includes Polin’s signature Natural Light Effects – as seen above in stunning detail – and Magic Shine finish (glossy on both sides). Over the next 12 months, Polin is due to commission further Sphere slides at facilities in France, Tunisia, Ukraine, Croatia, Russia, Turkey and Thailand. A giant 4-person Magic Sphere is currently being installed at Cartoon Network Amazone in Thailand, set to open by the end of the year.

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