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New educational VR experience for visitors to World Pavilion

A brand new educational VR experience has recently opened in the World Pavilion (Steyl, Netherlands). Created by Lagotronics Projects, it is said to give visitors an “extraordinary” experience of the daily life in Ghana.

 The World Pavilion is a cultural experience centre where schools, families and organisations learn more about multiple African cultures, by playing games, role playing and workshops. The newest programme is about Ghana; visitors learn about daily life in Ghana, its culture, religion and refugees. The educational programme has three parts: a bus ride through Ghana, life in a typical Ghanaian village and a dangerous journey of a boat refugee.

The bus ride is impressive: by replacing the windows of a real bus with monitors, which show moving images of an actual ride through Ghana, the whole experience is very realistic.

The village life is realised with the use of Virtual Reality. Visitors get to wear VR-glasses which show a 360 view of a real village in Ghana; they walk around freely and it feels as if they are actually walking around in the Ghanaian village.

The third experience is a moving one; the journey of a boat refugee. The World Pavilion decided to add this sensitive topic to their programme to show visitors the background of the refugees, and what drove them to make this risky journey. Visitors get into a real refugee boat whilst wearing VR-glasses. With the use of Virtual Reality they will see what those people have to go through during their dangerous journey.

René Poels, chairman and initiator of the World Pavilion said.“Lagotronics Projects has been a great help in realising our dream. Those guys are experts who have professionally transformed our ideas to great life-like experiences. We are very proud of the result and happy that we chose Lagotronics Projects to work with.”

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