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New WhiteWater rides opening in North America

WhiteWater West Industries has supplied a variety of new water attractions opening in North America this season. Vidanta, Riviera Maya, Mexico, will be home to a RainFortress 3, Kids’ Mini Body Slide, Freefall Slide, and AquaSpray.

Trinidad Waterpark, Chaguaramas, Trinidad & Tobago,  will feature a Constrictor, Boomerango, Rattler, Space Bowl, and a 6-Lane Mat Racer.

Villages Valcartier, Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, Quebec, is in the process of adding two AquaLaunch slides to their outdoor park, which are scheduled to be opened this May or June. Whirlin’ Waters, South Carolina, will include a 3-Person AquaSphere + Tailspin + Rattler Fusion, which will be the very first Tailspin in the world. The park will also be home to a 3-Person Boomerango, a 1-2 Person SuperBowl 30, and a 1-2 Person Constrictor.

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