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New Carousel for Arnolds Park

Arnolds Park Amusement Park is adding a new ride this summer. Through a generous donation from two donors, the northwest Iowa amusement park will have a new 36 foot (11 m) 2018 carousel made by Chance Rides. The new ride will be 8 feet (2.4 m) larger than the current carousel that the park has and will be housed in a gazebo that can be closed in the winter to protect the ride from the elements.

“The staff and amusement park board are very excited about the addition of this new ride.” said new CEO Jeff Vierkant. “Our carousel sits at the very front entrance of our Park and this is going to be a show stopper as families walk into our Park.”

The new ride will have not only standard horses, but also will include a chariot, a wheelchair chariot, an elephant, a tiger, a lion, and an assortment of other animals. It will also include five upgraded large horses for guests to experience.

“In working with the donors and ride manufacturer, we have come up with a unique, one of a kind carousel that will be a “must ride” for those attending the park this year.” Said former CEO Charley Whittenburg. “I have to say the donors and their families have been incredible to work with. Their vision and effort have made this process very smooth since the start of this project late last year. We plan on having a recognition event sometime in June to honor their gift and thank them publicly.”

The donations came about as an extension of the Restore the Park campaign that has been happening at the park. The Park is finishing up phase 2 of the renovation this spring and summer and expects to start phase 3 this fall. The renovation so far has included a new ticket office, a new parking lot, in park bathrooms, a renovation of the Majestic Pavilion and park administration offices, and an expansion of the Maritime Museum.

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