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New book for ride designers

RAAPA man publishes work on g-loads

A new book, Human Safety Under Accelarations (Biomechanical Analysis), by BA (Boris) Rabinovitch, may offer new insights to those who design rides for the amusement industry.

Containing 208 pages, 98 figures and 61 tables, the publication includes biomechanical analysis of theoretical and experimental data on human safety at prolonged and impact accelerations (g-loads).

Rabinovitch is known to many within the industry as the vice-president of the Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA). In the book he discusses the influence of brain and skull base deformation on mechanism of loss of consciousness under action of limit-tolerable prolonged head-to-pelvis and chest-to-back g-loads, including head-to-pelvis g-loads with high rate of onset. The influence of a g-load rate of onset on a g-load dose safe for humans is also analysed.

Mathematical models of man-seat systems on impact are considered. Information about impact effect on a head causing cranial injury is presented. Materials are stated on the evaluation of g-loads limit-tolerable for persons without special physical training. Some examples are discussed including accelerations in rollercoasters, car collision and airliner impingement with the ground during emergency landings.

Human Safety Under Accelarations is useful for specialists involved in acceleration problems related to human safety in high-speed mechanised amusement rides, ground, aviation and water transports, industrial equipment for individual protection, and also life saving equipment in human-caused and natural accidents and catastrophe.

The book can be ordered from or by contacting the author direct via

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