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MediaMation adds 4D experience to Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

MediaMation, Inc. (MMI), a leader in immersion entertainment technology, is set to install ‘Motion of the Ocean’, a 4D experience for Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Utah, US.

Credit: MediaMation / Loveland Living Planet Aquarium


Since Loveland Living Planet Aquarium opened in 2014, it has witnessed more than seven million visitors. It uses visual, audible and sensory mediums to educate visitors on the structure and protection of diverse ecosystems worldwide.

The MMI attraction will include two MotionFloors, sixty-four MX4D Motion EFX seats, and an immersive VR system.The Motion EFX seats are designed to create a learning environment for visitors. The installation is equipped with theatre effects and seat effects, found in MMI’s patented MX4D armrest. The installation follows MMI’s previous collaboration with the aquarium where it installed a 156-seat 4D EFX theatre for its opening.

A spokesperson for MediaMation said: “Loveland Living Planet Aquarium and MediaMation believe in entertainment and education for everyone who wants to take part in it. That is why two MotionFloors will be installed with subtle 4D effects for those with limited physical abilities.”

“The flexibility of effects settings is what makes the MotionFloor unique and versatile enough to fit into any attraction genre.

“With MotionFloors on each side of the benches, everyone of all capabilities can enjoy the films from all angles. You won’t want to miss these amazing films in a surreal MX4D experience.”

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