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Sally Dark Rides unveils VOLKANU: Quest for the Golden Idol

Sally Dark Rides has opened its latest attraction VOLKANU: Quest for the Golden Idol. Designed to create a seamless experience with the park’s mythical island theme, the ride’s storyline is inspired by the element of fire, one of the five realms of the park. Premiering alongside other attractions during the grand opening of Lost Island Themepark on June 18, the custom, interactive dark ride is considered the park’s signature attraction.

“It’s an impressive, incredible ride for a park our size,” said Eric Bertch, owner of Lost Island. “It’s also specially themed around our parks and completely unique.”

Located in the Mura (fire) realm, the ride is housed in the park’s statement Volcano. The experience takes riders on a thrill-packed adventure to locate the sacred Ora-Tika statue, responsible for keeping Volkanu – the great god of fire – dormant, and return it to the altar to restore peace to the island. Guests are equipped with a powerful “Thermal Equalizer” (interactive device) as they battle with the minions of Volkanu and head to the Temple of Fire to return the statue to its altar.

Bertch added: “We’re very happy that the ride incorporates the blasters that we see on a lot of the newer dark rides. This increases replayability. I’ve ridden it half a dozen times, and there’s always something new that I didn’t notice before. People will want to ride it over and over.”

Touted as a classic dark ride with modern technology, VOLKANU takes riders through a number of immersive themed environments, all the while challenging them to participate in the story, and save the island. Riders will experience over a five-minute showtime full of interactive 3D imagery, dynamic scenery, animatronic figures and dazzling special effects.

John Wood, CEO/chairman of Sally Dark Rides, added: “At Sally, we believe in creating immersive, engaging experiences for families. That’s what made our partnership with Lost Island Theme Park a perfect fit.”

“There’s incredible thematic storytelling in this park. It’s truly going to transport families into a magical land. Volkanu will help bring the park’s unique story to life for guests to enjoy for years to come.”

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