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It’s a Miracle!

Special Effects Theatre for Vienna Prater

Following the opening a Flyboard “5D” simulator this coming spring, Explore 5D will present a second major attraction as part of its regeneration work at the Prater in Vienna. Miraculum will be a 5D Special Effects Theatre with exclusive film content (pictured).

The storyline is based on the lead behind the whole regeneration project: Basilio Calafati and his great-great-great-grandson Basilio Junior. A gifted magician and entrepreneur, Basilio Calafati was responsible for many early innovations at this great Viennese park and the film show aims to bring back some of that magic.

Inside the Magical University an apprentice Basilio Junior will attempt to learn some of his ancestor’s tricks, with mixed results, leading to several unexpected but entertaining mishaps during the show.

“The Miraculum will use the latest technologies and blend them with a unique psychological approach [essentially the “5th D”] to provide a multi-sensory, authentic and unique experience for guests, the like of which they will never have seen before,” says Explore 5D’s Andreas Kornprobst. “The room will appear to be alive!”

Many of the ideas employed inside the attraction have in fact been brewing inside the head of Explore 5D’s CEO, Dr Gerhard Frank, for around 15 years. However, it was only during the early construction works that the storyline was refined, as Kornprobst explains: “In an old cellar we found what we believe are parts of the lost Book of Secrets by Calafai,” he says. “This has inspired the content for the Special Effects Theatre, where we will revive the ancient art of magic.”

Bringing the project to life are a handful of industry experts that together make up the 5D Network, and who will pool their knowledge to deliver a compelling and involving experience. The Network includes specialists such as Andy Munro of Munro Acoustics, who worked for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and U2, plus David Vatcher, project director for several major global ride systems, and now Explore 5D’s chief technology officer. Andreas Kornprobst, meanwhile, is a former director of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, while Gerhard Frank has been developing a scientific approach to enthuse and involve guests over 20 years.

Unlike Flyboard 5D, which will offer guests as a fast-paced, breathtaking bird’s eye view of Vienna, Miraculum will enchant adults and children with its stories and legends. Either way, Prater guests are in for a whole new experience in 2008.

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