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According to the park, its name sums up the new ride at Gröna Lund perfectly: Insane. Thrill-seekers have been lapping up the new attraction since it opened on April 25.

Now one of the tallest attractions in the park (eclipsed only by two tower rides), Insane is the biggest ZacSpin coaster built to date from Swiss manufacturer Intamin, measuring 35.5-metres in height and featuring a quarter of a kilometre of track.

Passengers sit either side of the track, and travel both forwards and backwards during the ride. The rocking and rolling four-seater gondolas pull up to 3.5G as they travel along the twisting, turning track.

Each pair of cars takes around 75 seconds to complete a full circuit of the ride, giving Insane an hourly capacity of around 800 riders. Every ride is different according to the weight distribution of the riders.

Insane’s location on the edge of the park adds a further thrill as riders fall headlong towards the water. The new ride also alters the park’s skyline, and creates an arresting sight for visitors to central Stockholm.

“Insane is the most exhilarating ride to move into the park since Fritt Fall in 1998,” says Gröna Lund ride manager Peter Osbeck. “This is our fifth rollercoaster, making us the park with most coasters in Sweden – and we’re very proud of this!”

Over the past three years Gröna Lund has invested close to SEK200 million ($25.6m/E18.8m) in new attractions and improvements.

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