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At Belantis in Leipzig, Germany, Götterflug (Flight of the Gods), allows intrepid guests to fly up to 22-metres high in one of 16 single-seater gondolas, each with rider-controlled wings.

Manufactured by Gerstlauer, the ride is located in Strand der Götter (Beach of the Gods) area and comes to Leipzig after a guest appearance last year at the Deutsche Museum in Munich. In preparation for its appearance at the park, where it opened in time for Easter, the attraction has had its wings decorated.

“With this interactively-controlled attraction our guests can enjoy a worldwide novelty and realise their personal dream of flight,” states Belantis manager Nikolaus Job, “everyone’s a pilot!”

Belantis is East Germany’s largest leisure park, entertaining over half a million guests a year with around 60 attractions, shows and play areas. Gerstlauer was also responsible for the park’s only rollercoaster, Drachenritt.

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