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On May 1 Tivoli in Copenhagen officially launched its new interactive plane ride: Vertigo. The attraction is the second Flying Fury from the Italian manufacturer Technical Park and its name chosen from competition entries.

The ride features a pair of four-seater planes mounted to the end of two rotating arms. Passengers control the roll, yaw and speed of the planes using joysticks and touch screen controls, or sit back and enjoy the experience on “auto pilot.”

The main arms rotate at up to 15rpm (or 100km/h on auto pilot) while each plane can turn at up to 17rpm on the interactive setting. Two joysticks are included per plane, meaning all riders are within reach of the controls. Additional features include a regenerative power system that puts electricity back into the network when the planes are stood still.

Themed to fit in with its surroundings in the Orient section of the park, the ride’s planes feature wings decorated with gold leaf and onion-shaped domes covered in lights. The design of the planes calls to mind early aviation history

”Tivoli will never be completed, said Georg Carstensen, the founder of Tivoli, and this is still our belief today,” declares Tivoli managing director Lars Liebst. “Our new ride that offers a truly unique experience – and one so wild that it is only for the most courageous of visitors.”




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