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Familypark Neusiedlersee 2014

Austria’s Familypark Neusiedlersee kicked off its 2014 season on 5 April with a new ride and another on the way.

at the park in Burgenland, near Lake Neusiedlersee, can now enjoy Adlerflug (Flight of the Eagle, pictured below), a larger version of the previous Butterfly. Supplied by Heege, who parent company is the Austrian manufacturer SunKid, the attraction features a U-shaped track along which a custom-themed 2-seater car slide back and forth. The total track length is 27 metres, and riders reach heights of up to 7.5m, and speeds of up to 35km/h.


Coming soon will be a second new attraction, Fasseltanz (Barrel Dance, pictured below). Currently under construction in the park’s farm area, the ride will feature eight 4-seater spinning barrels. Familypark has also added a new children’s train to its Jack and Beanstalk attraction, carrying up to 26 passengers in its three coaches, plus there’s a water cannon to add to the fun at the Sumpfburg playground area. As from May, some chickens and rabbits will be joining the other animals at the farm.

Fassltanz under construction
Fassltanz under construction
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